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Pupil wellbeing in primary schools – NAPE 077

New Edurio research reveals half of children feel stressed and a quarter feel lonely.

Edurio has published their latest research examining pupil wellbeing, support systems in school and how pupils feel about school. The study drew on responses from 45,000 children of which 15,000 were from primary.

  • Children feel progressively less well as the move through primary school – 76% in year 1 feel well but this drops by 17 percentage points in Y6 when 59% report feeling well.
  • Children feel more stressed in Y6 (36%) than in Y1 (22%)
  • More primary aged children feel overworked in Y2 and Y3 than at any other time during primary school.
  • The research shows that the transition to secondary school has a negative impact on children’s wellbeing and the drop is greater than at other times during school.
  • Children’s overall wellbeing drops from 59% feeling well in Y6 to 46% in Y7.
  • More students often feel stressed – rising from 36% in Y6 to 43% in Y7
  • More children report not sleeping well in Y7 (30%) than in Y6 (28%)

Mark Taylor chats to Iona Jackson co-author of the Edurio report about her findings.

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