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Do you want your children to be happy, creative and inspired? To have an inner belief that they can achieve anything?

Here you will find 3 podcasts that will support you to help achieve this goal.

Sharing creative and inspiring learning on our schools

The most important learning and educational moments that shaped the lives of people living on their terms, with a sense of purpose, meaning and significance.

National Association for Primary Education

Bringing schools, teachers, family and organisations together to support a child centred vision of education.

New to the shows?

The National Association for Primary Education (NAPE) brings together everyone who has a concern for the learning of children from birth to 13 years.

Music has always been my passion. I am a professional musician and educator. Let me show you how to give the gift of music to the pupils of your school.


"I would teach children music, physics & philosophy; but most of importantly music, for the patterns in music & all the arts are the keys to learning"


Latest Podcast Episodes

Education On Fire

115: Wellbeing season finale

November 18, 2019

Host Mark Taylor provides a brief recap of the episodes and subjects covered in this wellbeing season.He shares his thoughts on the subject of wellbeing in schools and what is coming up in the next few weeks.Primary Music Specials and his membership site.How the Education on Fire Podcast Network community is coming together to support…

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114: International Positive Education Network

November 11, 2019

Season 7 ‘Wellbeing’ continues on the Education on Fire Podcast. Mike Buchanan is the Executive Director of HMC, the English-speaking world’s oldest association of Head Teachers. From 2005-2018 he was Head of Ashford School in the UK where he oversaw its transformation from a small girls’ school to a thriving all-age, co-educational day/boarding, independent school…

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113: 5 Steps to wellbeing with Ashley Manuel. Replay

October 28, 2019

The Growing With Gratitude Program by Ashley Manuel aims to help teachers, students and families easily develop the habits of gratitude, kindness and mindfulness that have been identified as the stepping stones to greater happiness and success. Teaching children these skills as early as possible in their journey helps them develop greater resilience, builds their…

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Learning On Fire

A Fire Lighting Learning Community. LF050

November 15, 2019

Mark explains his ideas about starting an Education on Fire Community. A group of people to lead the creation of important learning content that we can gift to our children.

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Innovation School with David Miller. LF049

October 25, 2019

David Miller joins me on the Learning on Fire podcast and explores the most important learning and educational moments that shaped his life. Our guest – David Miller         David Miller is Director of the Innovation School at Kelvinside Academy. David has had a long career in education and in 2008 was…

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Social Media Networking with Tim Lewis. LF048

October 18, 2019

Tim Lewis joins me on the Learning on Fire podcast and explores the most important learning and educational moments that shaped his life. Our guest – Tim Lewis                   Tim Lewis is a former IT manager who, after the death of his wife, decided to try and…

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National Association for Primary Education

Handwriting with Jeremy Rowe – NAPE 041

November 13, 2019

Handwriting The National Association for Primary Education are planning new handwriting workshops for primary schools. Mark Taylor talks to Jeremy Rowe about his vast experience in education and what to expect from the handwriting workshops. Handwriting is in the National Curriculum – is it an anachronism like 12x table? – or an important skill? It could…

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Flourishing Childhood – NAPE 040

October 16, 2019

                  Rebecca Sheikh is a certified Aware Parenting Level 2 teacher, and her passion lies in helping parents find ways to discipline without the use of punishments or rewards. She taught as primary school teacher for 17 years before having her first child. She is now the…

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Stringbabies with Kay Tucker – NAPE 039

October 2, 2019

The National Association for Primary Education has a long history of supporting music and the arts. Mark Taylor host of this podcast is also a musician and music educator which makes this a very exciting episode. Stringbabies is a holistic approach to teaching bowed strings and general musicianship using a unique notation system developed by…

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

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"Inspiring, Uplifting and Practical
I love this podcast- Mark does a brilliant job of gently challenging the education status quo, and in so doing he reveals some of the most innovative, creative and inspiring approaches to education."

Lisa Avery

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Primary Music on Fire Introduction #website

19 Nov 2019
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Christmas ukulele #website

11 Nov 2019
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Instruments from the percussion box

22 Oct 2019

In this series of videos Mark Taylor from Primary Music on Fire demonstrates how to play the percussion instruments from the percussion trolley. Mark combines his professional performing career with teaching drums, percussion instruments and whole group rhythm workshops. With 25 years experience there is something to take away for everyone.   Primary Music on…

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Education on Fire sponsor

National Association for Primary Education

Our aim is to achieve a higher priority for the education of children from birth to 13. High quality learning in the early years of life is vitally important to the creation of an educated society. Young children are not simply preparing for the future, they are living a never to be repeated time of life and the best way to learn is to live.

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