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265: THINK Global School with Russell Cailey

THINK Global School’s rigorous Changemaker Curriculum combines travel with project-based learning, making for a one-of-a-kind education that nurtures all areas of teenage development.

Russell is one of the principals of THINK Global School (TGS) and was voted one of the top 100 Global Visionaries in Education (GFEL, 2021). TGS is the world’s first travelling high school, and beyond the travel, TGS offers a distinctly unique environment for students to guide their learning through the Changemaker Curriculum. Designed with agency in mind, the Changemaker Curriculum empowers students to create and implement projects relevant to the countries they call home during the course of their TGS education.


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Weapons of Mass Instruction – John Taylor Gatto

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The National Association for Primary Education speaks for young children and all who live and work with them. Get a FREE e-copy of their professional journal at

260: Mindfulness Art Activities with Cynthia Hauk MFA

Cynthia Hauk is a Mindful Art Teacher and Trainer. She loves sharing simple mindfulness and art activities to help people de-stress and practice self-care. She trains artists, yogis, K-12 teachers, and therapists to teach Mindfulness, Meditation, and Art activities in the classroom for both children and adults. Her YouTube Channel and online summits have reached students in 50 countries and growing.


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Twitter @mcreativemuse

Insta @mindfulcreativemuse

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The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

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The National Association for Primary Education speaks for young children and all who live and work with them. Get a FREE e-copy of their professional journal at

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10 Pieces of Advice You’d Like to Have as a Child

Ocean Plastic & Climate Change Writing Festival

National Association for Primary Education presents: Ocean Plastic & Climate Change Writing Festival.

This online zoom call will be the starting event to launch a festival of writing on this topic.

Presented by Ellie Jackson, author of Wild Tribe Heroes – The No.1 Children’s Book Series On Ocean Plastics & Climate Change.

We will separate entries into KS1& KS2. Selected stories will have the chance to be heard on the NAPE podcast and published in our Primary First journal.

Find out more at

Primary to Secondary Transition CPD

I have been delighted to host a series of CPD events for National Association for Primary Education this academic year. The latest is focused on transition to secondary school. I hope it is supportive for you. (FREE course)

360 Skills For Life with Rob Hattersley – NAPE 081

Prepared for life, not just exams

360 are a dynamic social enterprise developing essential skills for life in young people through an interactive learning approach we call discuss, decide and do.

360 Skills For Life provide scenario-based educational experiences that equip learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live active, fulfilling and safer lives in stronger and more sustainable communities.

Experience Skill City, their unique VR environment, bringing to life real world safeguarding dilemmas in realistic but safe scenarios.

Their values

  • We listen in order to continually learn and improve
  • We connect and collaborate because partnerships achieve more for less
  • We put the learner and their needs first
  • We empower and challenge rather than instruct
  • We engage and involve learners in our development
  • We adapt and are flexible when encountering new situations and knowledge
  • We include all learners regardless of age, disability, gender, relationship or parental status, race, belief, sex or sexual orientation
  • We seek the best in everyone to realise individual and collective potential

Their approach

  • Holistic, cross-curricular education that delivers transferable skills for 21st century life
  • Immersive, practical and interactive learning in which users discuss, make decisions and then do, rather than simply learning facts
  • Awareness of surroundings to make good risk assessments, confidently make better decisions and deal with individual and collective challenges
  • Blended learning where online, in-school and outdoor strands are closely integrated
  • Provision of a realistic dilemma-based virtual Skill City as the core resource
  • Partnership with other organisations to maximise impact and value

Full details available at

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