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NAPE invites you to their SEND Conference at the University of Bedfordshire.The keynote lecture is called ‘SEND and the Law’ by Professor Janice Wearmouth followed by seven talks over the day. Online access is also available. Discount for NAPE members. More details in the link below.

Creating Digital Strategies for Schools

Al Kingsley is CEO of the EdTech company, NetSupport, with almost 30 years’ experience in educational technology and digital safeguarding. With a passion for education and, in particular, governance and raising organisational performance, i’ve undertaken several other roles outside of his NetSupport duties, including being Chair of a Multi-Academy Trust and an AP Academy, Chair of the area’s Governors’ Leadership Group and the county SEND Board. With 20+ years of governance experience, he also sits on the Regional Schools Commissioner’s Advisory Board for the East of England and North London, a FED Council member, Chair of the BESA EdTech Group and his regional Employment and Skills Board. Al is also the author of “My Secret #EdTech Diary” and co-author of “A Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education”. Al continues to support schools with consulting and mentoring – as well as writing for the wider education community, supporting vendors and speaking at events.

This video is part of the Primary Education Summit presented by National Association for Primary Education. It is one of twenty videos available for just £20.

National Association for Primary Education is proud to present a Primary Education Summit ‘Visions for the Future’. This is intended to promote discussion about the type of rich and engaging primary education which will enable all our children to meet the challenges they face now and in the future.

Full details at

I helped co-ordinate the summit, recorded 2 of the videos and hosted the 4 LIVE discussion panels. The rest of the event was shaped and created by NAPE.

Ideal School – Live video podcast

Ideal School are an internationally-accredited dual language online school. They are accredited in 86 countries by Cognia (formerly AdvancEd). They serve students and families from North America to South America and the Caribbean. They are connecting students in real-time with real, experienced, caring, and bilingual teachers from around the globe.

They provide an interactive, engaging, and rigorous educational experience at an affordable price. They are in our their enrollment period for the upcoming school year ('23-'24) that will begin on September 25. We hope that interested families who are looking for an alternative to traditional education, or video-based online schools will contact us.

Their mission is to prepare young generations in a multicultural context to become our future global leaders of society, under the guidance of highly qualified professionals who use the best technology, methodology, and materials available in a virtual, bilingual environment to promote the development of 21st century skills. Come along to meet co-founder Eric Franzen and 3 teachers from the school. You will be able to get the latest information and ask questions during the podcast.

Big Education Challenge – Live Video Podcast

Big Change’s brand new challenge prize – Big Education Challenge. The £1 million prize fund seeks to reward bold ideas with the potential to transform education. The Challenge is split into two prizes – the Groundbreaker Prize (for youth-led innovation from applicants aged 18-25 with a bold idea) and the Gamechanger Prize (for experienced innovators of any age with a track record of leading innovative approaches with social impact). The prize launched in November 2022 and applications will close in February 2023.

The prize was launched with new statistics from Big Change showing:

Key stats

• 65% of UK adults think that the education system doesn’t prepare young people for their futures

• 75% believe our country needs a bold, long-term vision for education that all parts of society have contributed to.

• 76% say that ideas about improving education need to come from grassroots communities including teachers, parents and students.

The new statistics reinforce the need for change – which is exactly what the Challenge hopes to achieve.

Caitlin Ross is Head of Impact for education charity Big Change. Caitlin leads on the identification, funding and support of Big Change’s pioneering project partners. She also leads on Big Change’s impact strategy, making sure they gather the insights we need to keep growing and learning, both as a charity and as a funder. Caitlin has a frontline background in microfinance and in youth work, working on the ground with organisations in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. She brings her experience delivering scalable, impact-focused interventions to Big Change’s grant giving and impact work to support pioneers who are helping young people thrive in life.

Liz Robinson is CEO of Multi-Academy Trust, Big Education.

Liz’s motivation comes from a profound belief that schools can play a transformative role in children’s lives, but also in shaping whole communities. Social justice and wider change underpin her views that school simply must be about the whole child, the whole family and the whole community.

As the head at Surrey Square for many years, Liz used values as a key driver to redefine the purpose of the school and radically reshape the culture and approaches. She is exceptionally proud of how the school continues to develop and innovate.

Liz has deep expertise and a particular interest in capacity development and growing leadership. Her philosophy is based on a client-centred approach, actively empowering others into thoughtful action. She created The Big Leadership Adventure, our flagship programme supporting changemaker leaders in the sector.

Liz co-founded Big Education to be a place where those who believe in more radical change in the sector can come together; to collaborate, share, challenge and encourage one another. Let’s do more, together.

As mum to two young girls, Liz works flexibly to manage her role. She advocates for and seeks to model an authentic, reflective and relational approach to leadership.



Primary Education Summit – March 2023


National Association for Primary Education is proud to present a Primary Education Summit ‘Visions for the Future’ over two weeks starting on 15th March 2023.
This is intended to promote discussion about the type of rich and engaging primary education which will enable all our children to meet the challenges they face now and in the future. This will include the annual Christian Schiller Lecture ‘Values-based Education – the beating heart of Primary Education’ presented by Dr. Neil Hawkes, eleven pre-recorded guest presentations and four live panel discussions led by prominent figures in primary education.
Full details of these are given below. We very much hope that you will wish to join us for some or all of these sessions – and let other people in your school or organization know.

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