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307: The Online Tutor’s Toolkit with Molly Bolding

By | December 1, 2022 |

Molly Bolding is an education journalist, inclusion consultant and online educator, based in London. She has been teaching and tutoring online since 2018 but has also taught in classrooms in the UK and Japan. Molly mostly teached English, both to UK curriculums and as EFL, but has previously tutored History, Geography, Maths, Science, university applications…

306: Modern Foreign Languages with Joe Dale

By | November 28, 2022 |

Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK who works with a range of organisations such as Network for Languages, ALL, The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian. He was host of the TES MFL forum for six years, former SSAT Languages Lead Practitioner, a regular conference speaker and recognised…

305: New live podcasts with audience interaction?

By | November 24, 2022 |

Mark explains a new feature coming to the podcast in 2023. Live video podcast recordings where you can watch and interact or ask questions as we create the show. It won’t replace the current format but become an added extra for those wanting to be more involved in the community. Listen to find out more!

304: Helping Parents and Educators Inspire Kids to Love Reading with Danny Brassell Ph.D.

By | November 21, 2022 |

Danny Brassell is America’s leading reading ambassador. He is helping parents and educators inspire kids to love reading and achieve more. Danny has a number of programs to support you across all age groups and he has a FREE gift for you below. Danny has taught students ranging from preschoolers to rocket scientists, and he…

303: UP Academy an elementary lab school with Tanya Sheckley

By | November 17, 2022 |

Tanya Sheckley is Founder and President of UP Academy, an elementary lab school which values innovation, empathy and strength and incorporates a unique neuro-development program for children with physical disabilities. Tanya’s vision and mission show it’s possible to celebrate differences, change what’s broken in the American education system, and that all children can receive a…

302: Educational Games and Simulations with Mathew Georghiou

By | November 14, 2022 |

Mathew is an engineer, inventor, designer, writer, and entrepreneur. And the creator of GoVenture, one of the original and most widely used series of educational games and simulations in the world. Mathew’s educational programs have reached millions of people around the world through thousands of schools, nonprofits, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. He is…

301: A fresh look at Special Education Services with Leddy Glenn

By | November 10, 2022 |

Leddy Glenn’s passion for Special Education began when she was working at a non-profit and realized the individuals she enjoyed working with most were ones with exceptionalities. When she had this epiphany, she left her job and went back to school to become a special education teacher. Leddy learned how each aspect of the special…

300: British Army Supporting Education with Richard Watts

By | November 7, 2022 |

Richard Watts is head of Educational Marketing at the British Army. He is a former secondary school teacher with over a decade of classroom experience. We discuss how the British Army encourages students to look at Remembrance through the prism of representation, diverse voices and personal histories. BASE – Engaging resources and inspiring workshops to…

299: How to get accepted to schools like Harvard and Stanford with The College Wizard

By | November 3, 2022 |

The story of how Harvey Wizard became an internet multimillionaire in the early days of affiliate marketing is told in the New York Times Bestseller, “Get Rich Click”. Harvey is a former Dartmouth District Enrollment Director, ad executive, serial 7-figure entrepreneur, film producer, bestselling author and globetrotting standup comedian. Today, Harvey will tell us not…

298: Absolute Internship with Fredrik van Huynh

By Mark Taylor | October 31, 2022 |

Absolute Internship matches talented university students and graduates with international work experience placements in elite cities around the world. With over 60 university partnerships and more than 800 host companies across the globe, we help ambitious individuals stand out in an increasingly crowded job market. Our programs offer unbeatable work experience, incredible adventure, and a summer to remember!…

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