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Resource sharing and thank you. LF026

Today I look back at the first 25 episodes of the Learning on Fire Podcast.

I say a big thank to my guests who have shared:

The most important learning and educational moments that shaped their lives and enabled them to live with a sense of purpose, meaning and significance.’

I talk about some of the books, podcasts, films, songs and resources that have had an influence on them, all of which are shared on the show notes of each episode.

I like to think of the podcast as a half hour conversation where the interviewee shares the most important things they have learned in life that they would wish to pass on to the next generation.

I ask these 10 questions to each guest.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What does your life look like now and how is it different from when you were growing up?
  3. What was valuable about your school experience?
  4. Which teachers do you remember and why?
  5. Who did you admire when you were young?
  6. What was it about that person that had such an impact?
  7. What was the best piece of advice you have ever been given and who gave it to you?
  8. What advice would you give your younger self?
  9. What does your future look like?
  10. What podcast, book, video, film, song or other resource has had the biggest impact on your life and why?


Show Sponsor

National Association for Primary Education

Our aim is to achieve a higher priority for the education of children from birth to 13. High quality learning in the early years of life is vitally important to the creation of an educated society. Young children are not simply preparing for the future, they are living a never to be repeated time of life and the best way to learn is to live.

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