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059: Syncphonia – Replace paper scores with a digital system for your tablet


Designed and refined over two years, working with amateur and professional ensembles, Syncphonia replaces paper scores with a digital system which synchronises to the beat of a conductor or lead musician. The current bar and beat are highlighted, so players can’t get lost, pages are turned automatically, and new parts can be distributed in seconds over a wireless network.

Syncphonia provides seamless, intuitive technology to enhance the experience of ensemble performance for all.


The Syncphonia system features:

  • Conductor-controlled, synchronised digital notation for ensemble scores and parts
  • Library of 8 scores, with parts for all abilities
  • Hands free page turns, with look ahead, so you know what’s coming next
  • Low latency bluetooth networking

Conductor app allows you to:

  • Organise and manage your orchestral library
  • Share new parts across the ensemble in seconds
  • Intuitively and expressively control tempo
  • User metronomic tempo control for rehearsals
  • Jump to bar or figure

Performer app features:

  • Dynamic position highlighting so you never get lost
  • Instant selection between available instrumental parts
  • Preview page scroll during rehearsal downtime

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twitter: @syncphonia

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