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108: Student Breakthrough with Sam Moinet

Welcome to season 7 of the Education on Fire Podcast which is focusing on Wellbeing.

Today I chat to Sam about how he is inspiring happiness, success and wellbeing in students across the world.







Hi, I’m Sam Moinet, founder of Student Breakthrough.






I believe there is a new type of student. A student that gains life skills that they don’t teach in the classroom. Students who are empowered with the tools, vision and beliefs to help them live their best life so they can change the world.

From teaching for over half a decade I found that there was not enough time or the right type of support to help students succeed and this led to lots of problems.

I found the solution and I started coaching students 1-1, and the results were incredible.

I give my students the missing piece of the puzzle so they can stop getting lost on the back roads and instead take the fast track to success.

We implement our signature 3B Formula of Boost, Believe and Breakthrough which has proven to improve grades, relationships and mental health.

This is for you – the parent or relative who wants to offer a revolutionary type of provision for their child.

As Frederick Douglas said “it is easier to build strong children that to repair broken men.”


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