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364: Are you stuck? Try BREAKTHROUGHS with Keith Nelson

Keith Nelson’s academic foundations include a B.A. from Harvard, Ph.D from Yale, and stimulating experiences as a collaborative faculty member at Stanford, Graduate Faculty of New School for Social research, and the Developmental Psychology mecca called Penn State University. His teaching includes courses on Fostering Creative Breakthroughs.

Basic theory-based research has been translated widely into new procedures for helping to accelerate developmental progress in children with autism, language delay, dyslexia, and deafness. Publications have included 12 volumes in the book series, Children’s Language, as well as over 100 journal articles and book chapters. Very few peers have attempted and achieved impressive causal experimental results across fields as diverse as Art Education, Language Delay, Poverty, Dyslexia, Deafness, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Basic Language Acquisition, Creativity, Preschool Education, Communication Disorders, Environmental Stewardship, and Adult Learning. In addition to publications Keith regularly gives papers and workshops at conferences all around the world. For example, presentations have included Vienna, Vancouver, Austin, Madrid, Stockholm, Istanbul, Madeira, and Tokyo.

Here’s a bit more about his book, BREAKTHROUGHS… Everyone gets STUCK sometimes. Perhaps you have recently been Stuck in some important way–not making progress with a child, a business project, a creative endeavor, a community project?

Stuck Now? BREAKTHROUGHS is here to inspire and help. In short, fun chapters you will explore a remarkable variety of ways that others have been really STUCK–and then found a way to Break Through, to Leap Forward. Your thinking and planning and real-life exploring will open up and feed in strongly to your own Breakthrough Successes.

Breakthroughs : Realizing Our Potentials Through Dynamic Tricky Mixes – Keith Nelson

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