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Creating Digital Strategies for Schools

Al Kingsley is CEO of the EdTech company, NetSupport, with almost 30 years’ experience in educational technology and digital safeguarding. With a passion for education and, in particular, governance and raising organisational performance, i’ve undertaken several other roles outside of his NetSupport duties, including being Chair of a Multi-Academy Trust and an AP Academy, Chair of the area’s Governors’ Leadership Group and the county SEND Board. With 20+ years of governance experience, he also sits on the Regional Schools Commissioner’s Advisory Board for the East of England and North London, a FED Council member, Chair of the BESA EdTech Group and his regional Employment and Skills Board. Al is also the author of “My Secret #EdTech Diary” and co-author of “A Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education”. Al continues to support schools with consulting and mentoring – as well as writing for the wider education community, supporting vendors and speaking at events.

This video is part of the Primary Education Summit presented by National Association for Primary Education. It is one of twenty videos available for just £20.

National Association for Primary Education is proud to present a Primary Education Summit ‘Visions for the Future’. This is intended to promote discussion about the type of rich and engaging primary education which will enable all our children to meet the challenges they face now and in the future.

Full details at

I helped co-ordinate the summit, recorded 2 of the videos and hosted the 4 LIVE discussion panels. The rest of the event was shaped and created by NAPE.

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