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356: Voice 21 – oracy education charity with Amy Gaunt

Voice 21 is the UK’s oracy education charity. They work with schools to transform the learning and life chances of young people through talk. They campaign for oracy to have a higher status in the education system.

Oracy skills are vital to success in school and in life. And yet, for many children, especially those growing up in poverty, opportunities to develop these vital skills are missed. Only a minority of schools have consistent, coherent or adequately resourced provision to develop these skills in their students.

Voice 21’s sustained approach weaves oracy into a school’s DNA, ensuring current and future students have access to a high-quality oracy education. This means that students in Voice 21 Oracy Schools, including those who would otherwise miss out, develop the oracy skills they need for success in school and in life. 

Amy Gaunt is Director of Learning and Impact at Voice 21. Amy joined the charity’s founding leadership team in 2016 and has supported its growth from one London school to a network of nearly 1000 schools across the UK. She has developed Voice 21’s approach to oracy education, teacher development and school improvement and has led the development of their impact function. She is co-author of Transform Teaching and Learning through Talk: the Oracy Imperative and Voice 21’s Oracy Benchmarks. Before joining Voice 21, Amy was a primary teacher, both in London and internationally.


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