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249: A whole-school mental health platform with STEER Education

Simon Antwis is Senior Education Consultant at STEER Education. He has been a headteacher of three schools and a school inspector.

STEER Education is a whole-school mental health platform that empowers teachers to measure, track and improve the self regulation and mental wellbeing of young people.

It supports being proactive in safeguarding young people’s mental health.

STEER Education exists to prepare young people with the human skills they need to thrive in life. 

Research shows that self-regulation is a critical skill that young people need for that journey. STEER’S mission is to safeguard the mental health of the young people by teaching them to self-regulate. They do that by serving families, schools and young people themselves.

STEER provides schools with a standardised, data-driven, impact-focused approach to measure, track, and improve social-emotional health across their schools, and demonstrate a high level of proactive safeguarding.

Their tools track how every young person steers four factors of self-regulation: their self-disclosure, trust of themself, trust of others, and seeking change.

STEER schools track their young people 3 times a year, year on year, from 8 to 18, providing early mental health risk flags, and personalised action plans to guide teachers’ response. We even provide practical guidance for children’s families.


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