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247: Energy Reboot with Moira Newiss

Moira is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach who specialises in helping men and women with or without a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome or long covid to regain their energy through a combination of nutrition and other lifestyle changes. Chronic fatigue is not for life, you can fully recover. Moira can support you to understand what has gone wrong with your energy production and how to reboot it to get your energy back and your life on track again.

As educators we need to support ourselves in all areas of our lives so we can show up in the best possible health for our pupils.

Moira uses a food first approach to make sure you are nourishing your body as much as possible through your diet, adding in nutritional supplements if needed. She can support you to make changes in other aspects of your life such as sleep, stress, time spent outdoors, chemicals you might be exposed to as well as supporting relaxation and joy in your life. She finds this holistic approach provides the best results as we layer up small changes until you get a significant change in how you feel.


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