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226: Digital transformation of education with ViewSonic

Peter Claxton is Senior Director EdTech Solutions at ViewSonic. He is an experienced Education Consultant and Strategy Senior Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the education computer software industry.

Peter has spoken all over the world and has 35 Years of Global EdTech experience. Peter’s career started as a classroom teacher, immediately recognising the benefits that EdTech brings to driving educational outcomes and attainment for the students and the teachers.

Peter has also worked as a local authority advisory teacher, helping pioneer ICT working with leading EdTech companies driving technology adoption at School, Regional and Country Levels – bringing his unique perspective and insight from both education and company perspective.

ViewSonic has been an audiovisual leader around the world for more than three decades and it’s positioned in more than 43 countries around the globe.

During the pandemic, Edtech solutions were imperative and ViewSonic gained a great understanding in hybrid learning with the teacher community and the evolution of education during COVID times.


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