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223: Accent Music School with Delwyn McKenzie

Delwyn is the business owner of Accent Music School which she operates from her home in New Zealand. She holds a music degree from the University of Canterbury, majoring in composition. Delwyn and her husband Robin have 3 adult children.

For some of their school years they were home schooled and all of them learned piano and one other instrument with Delwyn. This was because there was limited access to music tuition where they lived in Asia at that time.

In over 30 years of music teaching she has taught classroom music, orchestral groups (often composing music for them), written a piano curriculum, and tutored many individuals on piano and stringed instruments. She enjoys playing double bass in a local orchestra and tutoring pre school music and movement groups. One of her greatest delights is to give beginners the best possible start on their musical journey.

Delwyn has taken her wealth of experience and created an online piano course called Headstart Piano. It is all about giving you and your child the best chance to succeed with music.

Step-by-step video lessons and practice sessions give a practical and personal approach. Though not required it also comes with extensive supervisor notes to help you reinforce each lesson. 


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