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218: Be Kind programme with Wild at Heart Foundation

The Wild at Heart Foundation believe that every single dog – no matter where in the world it is born, no matter its size, breed, age or circumstance – deserves to live a healthy, happy life. They champion compassion and collaboration; they believe that there is power in kindness and community, and that by working together towards a common goal, we can help make the world a better, kinder place.

Be Kind Programme

WAHF are excited to share the new Be Kind programme, the compassionate curriculum teaching empathy and understanding!

Education plays a huge role in the welfare of dogs around the world. When humans learn to respect these incredible animals and appreciate the many wonderful things they can bring to our lives, they open themselves up to one of the most amazing relationships there is.

This is why we are so grateful to the generous sponsorship of one of our best-loved brand partnerships, Manolo Blahnik. Through the partnership, we will be able to help children explore and better understand the symbiotic relationship that exists between dogs and their own mental wellbeing, whilst developing key skills in empathy, compassion, kindness and understanding.

Get involved!

The new Be Kind programme aims to support the mental wellbeing of young people and help them to understand the positive impact dogs can have on our lives. It has been developed alongside a team of passionate educators and is currently being trialled in a selection schools, to ensure that it’s impactful, positive and inspiring.

  • Designed for KS2 students
  • Linked to the National Curriculum
  • Free to sign-up and take part
  • 5 workbooks with various lesson plans and activities
  • Students will develop key skills in empathy, compassion, kindness and understanding, whilst learning about the positive impact dogs can have on our wellbeing
  • Support from Wild at Heart Foundation education team in delivering the programme


Social Media Information

Instagram: @wild_at_heart_foundation


Twitter: @_WAHF


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  1. Lynn Hannay on August 30, 2021 at 10:54 AM

    Really enjoyed listening . I am ex chair of NAPE and cut a meeting short one cold January to collect Ziggy the Bosnian rescue dog via wild at heart . Rachael is right – the best teacher ever about relationships and compassion .
    So pleased my 2 favourite charities got together . Hope many Nape schools take this on .

    • Mark Taylor on August 30, 2021 at 3:02 PM

      Thanks Lynn, yes I remember when you got Ziggy, but didn’t realise it was from Wild at Heart Foundation 😀

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