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214: Your 3 Eyes with Dr. Megan Sweet

Dr. Megan Sweet is an author, speaker, and systems-thinker who has been in education for more than twenty-five years. Through her extensive experience leading personal and system-wide change, Megan has come to believe that when we approach our challenges from the inside-out, by building a supportive and heart-centered connection with ourselves first, we have the confidence and resilience to tackle the important work of transforming our lives and communities.

The 3 Eyes support us to see our lives, our thoughts, and our experiences more clearly.

When we use them in school, they help us to understand our context in more depth.



Megan’s Philosophy

I believe that the most powerful forces for innovation in our schools are the people–educators, students, and families.
I KNOW true change is possible if we invest in our educators and school communities and then get out of their way. 



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