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213: Educational travel with Garrett & Mandi Oler

Garrett & Mandi Oler discuss how travel and enrolling their children into a bilingual school has enhanced their educational experiences, confidence and world citizenship.

Garrett & Mandi are a married couple that love to help people travel abundantly – and affordably – with their families. They cringe every time they hear parents say that travel is a luxury only for the “lucky,” and are on a mission to change that mindset.

We discuss:

  • Making friends abroad
  • Learning in a foreign language
  • Whole family trip planning
  • The skills learned from foreign travel
  • Know what you want to experience in trip
  • Know the cost of a trip

Through their online course, Frequent Traveler Academy, they significantly shorten the learning curve and effectively cut through the clutter of rewards programs, frequent flier status and budgeting tactics so that students know what to immediately focus on to give them the best results (including free travel).

Between them and their students, they have amassed over two million credit card points, flown over 500,000 miles and visited 10 different countries – all using the simple strategies that they figured out by trial and error.

Garret and Mandi live in Utah with their two sons, who love to join them on their adventures – and even planned a few of their own!


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Resources mentioned

Ishmael – Daniel Quinn

Beyond Good and Evil – Friedrich Nietzsche

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