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212: Reading, Writing and Spelling with Jane Considine

Jane Considine is an Education Consultant who energises and inspires thousands of teachers every year, helping them to transform the teaching of reading, writing and spelling in the primary education phase. Jane’s research-informed and evidence-based systems provide structures for success, enabling teachers to continually deliver outstanding results.

Jane has authored two best-selling books, Hooked On Books and The Write Stuff, that have sold thousands of copies all over the world. Jane’s books outline her clear and systemic approaches to the teaching of reading and writing. This June, Jane will be releasing her next publications, a series of spelling systems. Like her books on the teaching of reading and writing, The Spelling Book – Transforming the Teaching of Spelling will revolutionise the way spelling is taught in the classroom.

Jane is a popular presenter, training thousands of teachers every year across the world. Having amassed almost 1 million views on YouTube, Jane adapted to the difficult climate of 2020 and took her CPD online, providing a much-needed lifeline to teachers and parents during the national lockdown. Anybody who has witnessed Jane in action finds the experience hard to forget.

Now in her 25th year in the education profession, Jane’s incredible knowledge and expertise provide a solid framework for teachers, enabling her to support, enrich and sharpen the teaching of reading, writing and spelling. Jane’s Live Lessons have helped thousands of teachers and parents in lockdown, offering children fun and easy-to-follow writing exercises to gain confidence with written English.


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