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211: Superheroes of Science with Katy Alexander

Superheroes of science set to come to life in new comic book from The Remarkablz

A new comic book is turning real-life science heroes into superheroes, bringing diverse pioneers of science and engineering to a new generation of young readers in an exciting and engaging format. The Remarkablz is the brainchild of London-based illustrator and game designer Katy Alexander, bringing the stories of scientists and engineers – particularly women, individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds and people with disabilities – to life for children aged 6-12.

Radioactive Fallout: Katsuko’s Story reimagines the life and accomplishments of Japanese biochemist Dr Katsuko Saruhashi, known for revealing the spread and impact of radioactive fallout from atomic tests in the Pacific, helping bring an end to above-ground nuclear testing. The comic book traces the amazing adventures of young Katsuko as she gains her superpowers, battles supervillains and discovers her passion for science.

Created for children aged 6-12, and produced with dyslexia-friendly fonts, the new comic is designed to inspire, educate and excite young readers, with 24 pages of exciting artwork and storytelling backed up with engaging educational activities and a full biography of Katsuko.

The Remarkablz is a small family-run business set up to help combat the lack of diversity in games and books. Building on the success of its Top Quarkz card game, The Remarkablz is partnering with educational comic specialists Dekko Comics and artist Fernando Corrales Linares to raise £7,500 through a new Kickstarter campaign to produce and print the full book.

Creator of The Remarkablz, Katy Alexander, said:

“I am in awe of Dr Katsuko Saruhashi’s scientific discoveries, incredible life and positive impact on our world. Radioactive Fallout reimagines Katsuko’s life as a young girl, how she gains her superpowers and comes to join The Remarkablz as one of our science superheroes. I’m excited about blending her real-life story with imagined superhero adventures. The comic book creates an engaging educational tool for parents and teachers wanting to share the huge achievements of diverse scientists, engineers and inventors who have shaped the world in which we live. Our Kickstarter campaign will help us to produce and print an amazing 24-page comic book full of fun and fast-paced adventure for young readers, interweaving Katsuko’s real-story with superhero fantasy.”

The Kickstarter campaign will reward supporters with copies of Radioactive Fallout and more depending on their level of support, including science superhero posters, stickers, colouring sheets, The Remarkablz: Black Hole card game and The Remarkablz: Top Quarkz card game.

Through her games and books, Katy Alexander explores the importance of diversity in science through the power of storytelling and play.

“I created The Remarkablz to inspire the next generation of science superheroes. Positive and diverse role models shape attitudes, ignite aspirations and transform lives. When my daughter was three, she only ever saw depictions of male astronauts and questioned whether she, as a girl, could go to space. As a person with dyslexia, I grew up with no dyslexic role models, and the impact this had on the choices I made and how I saw my place in the world was enormous. I didn’t want the same for her. I developed The Remarkablz to find role models that my daughter, nieces and nephews could relate to. The people who create rockets, travel through space, discover comets, stop above-ground nuclear testing, are – to me – superhuman, so I turned them into actual superheroes where their real-life superpowers can be celebrated.”

The Kickstarter campaign for Radioactive Fallout: Katsuko’s Story is live now for supporters to get behind:


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