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210: The Resilience Project with David Gumbrell

Recruitment, Retention and Resilience are intertwined and have become the new Three Rs. If we accept that Recruitment is hard, then Retention becomes that much more important. If Retention is hard, then Resilience becomes the key. Put simply, we need to start more conversations in school about well-being and Resilience. Luckily, The Resilience Project can do just that and can provide you with multiple ways to start this vital dialogue.

David Gumbrell is an author and speaker on resilience and well-being. He has been a teacher in Surrey for over 20 years, in five different schools across the county. He has worked his way up from NQT to Headship, holding positions of responsibility, including NQT mentoring, along the way. Throughout his career, he always endeavoured to develop a team, to nurture an individual teacher’s career and to protect the well-being of children and staff. The Resilience Project is a natural progression to this and David now offers you a diverse range of opportunities to get a conversation on resilience started in your school or context.



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