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207: 5 Wellbeing principles with Maria Brosnan

Maria Brosnan is an educational leadership and wellbeing specialist, author, coach, speaker.

Over a 30-year period, Maria has worked in a variety of wellbeing capacities; from counselling end-stage cancer patients to whole school wellbeing training.

She created Pursuit Wellbeing as a platform to offer information, inspiration and support to promote the wellbeing of teachers, leaders and all school staff.

She hosts the podcast ‘Pursuit of Wellbeing’, and is author of the book ‘Pursuit of Sleep’ for teachers.

Maria takes us through 5 wellbeing principles:

  1. Small everyday choices matter
  2. Wellbeing requires action
  3. Your wellbeing is your responsibility
  4. Wellbeing is journey
  5. Your wellbeing affects others

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Social Media Information

Twitter @MariaBrosnan

LinkedIn – Maria Brosnan

Instagram – @pursuitwellbeing

Resources Mentioned

The Untethered Soul – Michael A. Singer

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