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192: Just Like Us with Dominic Arnall

Just Like Us is the charity for LGBT+ young people. Their mission is to empower LGBT+ young people to make education more inclusive, and they work directly with educators at all types of schools.

It was founded five years ago for a simple reason: growing up LGBT+ is still unacceptably tough. You can book a school talk (these are taking place online currently, including with pupils at home) and get involved with their Pride Groups programme.

Don’t forget to sign up to School Diversity Week, which is the annual celebration of LGBT+ inclusion and takes place every summer.

Twitter and Instagram: @JustLikeUsUK

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Magnetic Field – I thought you were my boyfriend

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Xientifica SOS provides a perfect platform for discussions and encourages children to ask questions, so is not only ideal for lone-reading or as a class book, but perfect for home schooling too.

Xientifica SOS can be bought on Amazon and is available on Kindle or in paperback 

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