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190: Junior Authors Program with Susie Harder

Susie Harder, M.A., CCC-SLP is an experienced clinician who devotes much of her passion to working with children who stutter. She works in private practice and the school setting to help support children and provides workshops and consulting-based support to school districts across California. She recently created the Junior Authors Program (a revolutionary literacy-based platform).

Susie has a history of designing and building successful programs. During her time in Fresno Unified School District (2011-2015), Susie designed and piloted a framework for 100 elementary schools, where specialty services successfully reduced student speech therapy time up to 5 years.

Most recently (2020), when the Central California Creek Fire started and children from her hometown lost their homes, Susie started brainstorming how to best support these kids. When she couldn’t find enough resources, she simply decided to create it. Within a week, she had written a children’s book themed around what these kids had just experienced, found an editor, taken a course on children’s books, and started looking internationally to find the best illustrator.

Her child- development skills guided her toward sharing this inspirational knowledge with kids. Thus, she created a unique platform to reinvent how children connect with literacy and books. Through the Junior Authors Program, children across the world vote to decide characters, setting, and story details of a book as it’s being created. Children get to see behind-the-scenes and connect with her through fun video posts and “Ask The Author Live” events, and are empowered by contributing to the content of the book from rough draft to published book on Amazon!


If you would like to support the Education on Fire GoFundMe campaign to create a valuable resource for our children based on the wisdom of our inspiring guests please click below.

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The National Association for Primary Education has an online conference on 8th March 2021 entitled:


Virtual Conference – Monday 8th March 2021, 4.15pm-6.45pm

The Conference, embracing a theme which has always been central to debate about children’s entitlements, has been highlighted by OfSTED as critical in curriculum development and its central importance has been further accentuated by the pressures under which primary schools are working in the post-lockdown phase as they prioritise what is perceived as essential in educational recovery.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children’s education may be perceived as a justification for narrowing the curriculum at the expense of the arts and the humanities, but this conference will explore the case for preserving young children’s entitlement to as rich and diverse a curriculum as possible. Dr. Eaude’s keynote lecture will set the scene, highlighting some key issues and considering some lessons to be learnt from the period of lockdown. The subsequent presentations will focus on classroom practice, providing a spotlight on innovations which have been implemented in school and offering guidance for the future.

All are most welcome at this event, including teachers, teacher assistants, governors and students and it’s our hope that the conference will play its part in bringing together a range of stakeholders in primary education, all with a commitment to enhancing children’s entitlement to a balanced and broadly-based curriculum.

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  1. Jim Harte on March 17, 2021 at 3:17 PM

    Great interview. I love “I’m noticing”.

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