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183: The power of honest feedback with Coach Steve Pfrenzinger

How important is honest feedback is in your life and development?

‘What don’t you know about you? Have you ever wondered if you had special skills or talents that you simply don’t know about? Some amazing ability that would change everything? That is what self-awareness helps you discover via the often-feared, honest feedback.’

Imagine taking these insights into your school, what a gift for all children!

Also in this conversation we explore the importance of the “Speed to AHA’.

To get engagement with an audience or classroom you need to make sure the person listening gets the ‘Aha’ quickly. Once they understand what they are about to learn you can fill in the details with your own style. Without that people can switch off.

This is the podcast if you want to know how this can help you, and your pupils. Coach Steve uses his extensive experience in business, coaching and family life to explain this transformational knowledge in life affirming examples.  

About Coach Steve:

  • Entrepreneur that built and sold two-8-figure revenue businesses
  • Coach to hundreds of innovators and change agents at Sony, Disney, Broadcom, Tesla, PwC, SpaceX, Oracle, and many SMB founders
  • Forbes author, speaker, researcher
  • Hall of Fame angel investors in early-stage companies (based on picking leaders wired for success)
  • Frequent podcast guest
  • Originator of the “Ambition Mastery Series” with its 5 Barriers to Success – Mind, Personality, Brand, Visibility & Journey. (book in process)
  • Cancer survivor focused on sharing his decades of experience with millions, at all ages

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We talked a lot about the mind. If this made you think and you want to know more please click and listen to Ep 163

If you would like to support the Education on Fire GoFundMe campaign to create a valuable resource for our children based on the wisdom of our inspiring guests please click below.

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The National Association for Primary Education has an online conference on 8th March 2021 entitled:


Virtual Conference – Monday 8th March 2021, 4.15pm-6.45pm

The Conference, embracing a theme which has always been central to debate about children’s entitlements, has been highlighted by OfSTED as critical in curriculum development and its central importance has been further accentuated by the pressures under which primary schools are working in the post-lockdown phase as they prioritise what is perceived as essential in educational recovery.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children’s education may be perceived as a justification for narrowing the curriculum at the expense of the arts and the humanities, but this conference will explore the case for preserving young children’s entitlement to as rich and diverse a curriculum as possible. Dr. Eaude’s keynote lecture will set the scene, highlighting some key issues and considering some lessons to be learnt from the period of lockdown. The subsequent presentations will focus on classroom practice, providing a spotlight on innovations which have been implemented in school and offering guidance for the future.

All are most welcome at this event, including teachers, teacher assistants, governors and students and it’s our hope that the conference will play its part in bringing together a range of stakeholders in primary education, all with a commitment to enhancing children’s entitlement to a balanced and broadly-based curriculum.

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