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088: Tagtiv8 with Bryn Llewellyn




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Tagtiv8 Word is far more than ‘an active version of a world famous word game that uses tiles’. Players collaborate or compete as individuals, pairs or small groups/teams in various active games that develop an understanding of phonics, spelling and more.

According to a Key Stage 2 pupil at Oakdale Junior School in London, Bryn is ‘a genius’. However, his friends and family know the truth.

Bryn worked in various UK schools for 25 years as a Teacher, Deputy Head and Acting Head.

In 2012, he founded Tagtiv8 Ltd. His pioneering approach to Physically Active Learning (PAL) provides an enjoyable alternative to classroom based learning and also promotes physical activity – crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

Research by Leeds Beckett University demonstrates that his PAL solutions tackle inactivity & obesity levels. Not only that, the PAL approaches impact positively on standards and academic performance. Tagtiv8 are now working with over 65,000 children and teachers across the UK and abroad. Teachers respect the pedagogy and children love the games.

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