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068: How to support children’s learning with Your Parenting Mojo

Jen Lumanlan is the creator and host of the podcast Your Parenting Mojo.

When she became a new parent she started searching for information on the best ways to raise a child. This research led to a Master’s degree in Psychology followed by another in Education.

Her passion for learning and a desire to share her findings with others led to the launch of Your Parenting Mojo and two courses. One focused on whether to homeschool your child and the other on how to support your child if you choose public school.

1. Research, analysis, and insights to help you decide whether homeschooling is right for you.

2. Want to support your child’s learning in school?

Do you want to improve your child’s social, emotional, and academic capabilities to enable school success and a life-long love of learning?

Find out more at

Myself and Peter Cansell were interviewed as part of Jen’s research and creation of ‘Want to support your child’s learning in school?’  We had a wonderful conversation about our experience as both parents and educators. This is available to those who enrol in the course.

Here is some information from Jen’s website

Are you worried about your child starting school? Or has he/she started school and things aren’t going as well as you’d like?
This course is for you if:
  • Your child can’t sit still for more than five minutes in a row and you worry that will make him seem disruptive;
  • You’ve taught your child how to count but have no idea where to start teaching anything else related to math;
  • You have a personal goal of developing a lifelong love of learning in your child;
  • You’ve heard that participating in your child’s learning is a key factor in children’s academic success, but you aren’t sure which are the most effective ways of participating;
  • You’d like to move beyond the pretty Pinterest boards and printable worksheets you see online to create extracurricular activities that extend your child’s interests, expand the ways in which they learn and express their learning, and are really fun!

I give you the tools and guidance you need to smooth the transition to school and set your child up for success – all in a way that is driven by the child’s interests and provides reassurance – not stress! – for parents.

I hope this helps all of those looking for research based insights from someone who really wants to help you.

Links mentioned on the podcast

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  1. Tom Evans on June 19, 2018 at 1:23 PM

    Parenting should also needs cooperation with kids. I love this. This is really great, thanks for sharing!

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