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035 : What do children think about their schooling? – with Katie and Jodi

This week on the Education on Fire podcast I chat to my daughter and her friend as they both give us their thoughts about learning in a village school.

Jodi (11) has just finished her last year of primary and is transitioning to secondary school, while Katie (10) is about to start year 6.


I am using the 10 questions below in each episode to try and find any themes that may keep recurring.


1. If you could design your own classroom what would it look like? Eg Large open plan loft style, small rooms, sit in rows or groups? Anything goes be creative!

2. How would you create your day and spend your time? Eg How much time inside/outside, how much studying, exercise, time on your own/with others, playing, games, projects. Anything goes be creative!

3. How do you assess your progress? What do you do everyday to move forward towards your goals and dreams?

4. How often do you discuss and think about – what you eat, exercise, breathing, sleeping, mindfulness, gratitude, volunteering?

5. How often do you discuss and think about life? Babies being born or people dying.

6. How often do you discuss money, budgets, savings, financial planning?

7. Do you work with a mentor? Do you know what a mentor is?

8. How often do you lead a team of people?

9. Do you like working on real projects that are relevant to you? Eg Fundraising, events for the local community, school productions, concerts, sports events?

10. Of the things you enjoy most – do they happen in school time or are they after school clubs?

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