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027 : Improve communication, engagement and feedback with a branded app for your school.


Piota builds high-quality apps that are completely free to download. Our school apps can help streamline communication, cut costs, save time and aid pupil learning. Piota apps are used in Early Years Settings, Primary and Secondary schools throughout the UK.

With 95% parents now owning a smartphone and regularly using apps, Piota believes that customisable school apps are the future of engagement.

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Piota’s goal is to help schools communicate better with parents, carers and students. We understand that tight funds and limited administration time make bridging the gap between schools and parents a challenge, so we design school apps that are simple and quick to use while still delivering meaningful gains for the school, parents and ultimately students.

With extensive experience in both education and app development, we have the sector insight and technological know-how to deliver a school app that will revolutionise the way your school engages. The Piota team are all parents and have been heavily involved in education through various roles including advisor to DfE, MAT director, governors and PTA organisers.


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