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NEW DATE for Bett, Learnit & Hosted Leaders Programme 2022 – 23-25 March   

NEW DATE for Bett, Learnit & Hosted Leaders Programme 2022 – 23-25 March   


Following the rapid escalation of Omicron cases across the UK and around the world, we have taken the decision to postpone Learnit, Bett and our Hosted Leaders Programme. The new dates for the event are 23-25 March 2022, and will still take place at the ExCeL London. 


Our commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of our community necessitated the shift and we considered feedback from many of our community, including participants on the Hosted programme, and our speakers and attendees, as well as the impact of changing travel restrictions globally. 


Holding our events in-person at the end of March presents an important opportunity for the education and technology community to come together to learn, trade and network and to look positively to the future of teaching and learning. 

Special Educational Needs CPD

I will be hosting an online zoom CPD focusing on 3 areas of Special Educational Needs to help you support your pupils:

– English as an Additional Language (EAL)
– How to identify children who may also have dyslexia or another SPLD
– Common speech, language and communication needs

Co-occurring challenges

Do you ever worry that a child in your class is not making the progress you were expecting? There may be many reasons for this – and some will overlap.  In this interactive session, we will look at some of the causes of underachievement, and try to find some solutions that could benefit the whole class.

We will start by looking at how all teachers can effectively support those learners who are using English as an Additional Language (EAL), and then move on to what we should be alert to in order to identify any children who also may have dyslexia or another SPLD. Finally, we will look at some common speech, language and communication needs, and how they could be met in the classroom.

Please feel free to bring your questions and share your experiences, so that, as a group, we can empower each other to support our learners.



Mark Taylor (Vice Chair NAPE) – Mark has been a professional percussionist for 25 years and performed with some of the major orchestras and arts organisations in the UK. Mark combines his performing career with teaching drums/percussion in schools and providing whole class rhythm workshops.

Mark is the creator and host of the Education on Fire podcast. He interviews educators from around the world so that he can enable his listeners to support children to live, learn and grow to their full potential. He has recorded over 300 episodes which have been downloaded in over 135 countries.


Dr. Anne Margaret Smith started her career as a teacher of English as a foreign / additional language around 30 years ago. Alongside her language teaching, she also works as a dyslexia assessor and specialist tutor, and has designed an assessment tool to allow us to identify SpLDs in multilingual people. She founded ELT well in 2005, to combine these two fields of education, and offers professional development and resources to language teachers in all contexts. She is currently also training to be a Speech and Language Therapist.


Date & Time

Monday 6th December 2021 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM (UTC+00)

If you can not join us live a replay will be available.


Event Fee

£12.50 per person

FREE to NAPE members (use promotional code at checkout)

For more information and to book please visit

6 Online CPD Events in 2021/22

Following the success of the National Association for Primary Education online conference in March 2021 ‘Towards a balanced and broadly based curriculum’ NAPE have planned 6 new online CPD events for the new academic year.

  • 5 starting points for Primary Music
  • Special Education Needs
  • EdTech
  • EYFS
  • Mental Health/Wellbeing
  • Climate & Ocean Plastic

To find out more Listen here 

My new audio course is live on Listenable

I’m so excited to let you know my new audio course ’10 Pieces of Advice You’d Like to Have as a Child’ has been published on Listenable.

Listenable is just like an audio version of Netflix. You pay a small monthly fee and get access to hundreds of courses in a variety of categories.

I was thrilled when I was asked to create a course for them and being an audio platform I loved the similarities with the podcast world.

My course has twelve, 3-4 min lessons and it shares some of the best advice I have heard from guests on the podcast.

In order to hit the ground running I have a favour to ask.

Could you please spare 3.07 mins to listen to the first lesson of the course (it is absolutely FREE) so the platform can get some immediate listening traction which will help promote the course to their subscribers.

As with so much online content it is all about algorithms and the more people who listen in the first few days the better.

There is no expectation to sign up (unless you want to) and you can press play and listen straight from the website.

You can find it by using my direct link This is also the best way to share it with anyone you think might be interested in knowing more about Listenable.

Thank you in advance if you can spare 3.07 mins of your time to support me and press play.

Keep inspiring,


PS The link again is

The Executive Function Online Summit 2021

How TEFOS Benefits You?

Dear Compassionate and Proactive Parents,

If your child struggles with Executive Function, in other words, if they don’t get important stuff done, because of things like procrastination, not getting started, not following through, disorganization, not paying attention, overwhelm, being unprepared, forgetful, late, unmotivated, TEFOS is for YOU.


TEFOS, or The Executive Function Online Summit, is a game-changer for parents and other concerned adults because you get practical tools that help. It features leading experts in Executive Function, parenting, learning differences, neurodiversity, anxiety, giftedness, 2e twice-exceptional learners, emotional regulation & social challenges.

If you take this seriously and immerse yourself in the weekend, you will absolutely benefit tremendously. Dive deep into core strategies you can implement right away to help your child have a brighter future. Sign up for our free, heart-centered, 3-day immersion weekend, Aug 20-22, with experts who “get” your outside-the-box child.

Sign up for FREE at

Seth Perler was a guest on Ep 158.

NB: I am an affiliate for the TEFOS Summit.

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