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How to play recorder for beginners

Inside the Primary Music on Fire membership we have videos and resources to help you teach the basics of music and beginner instrumental lessons.

 To help you at this time we wanted to release our recorder workshop which contains:

 – Introduction to the instrument

– Introduction to rhythm & pulse

– Introduction to pitch

– Introduction to notation

– 3 pdf workbooks 

– Worksheets for pupils 

 …….and more


You might want to learn yourself or share with your school for people to learn at home.


Take a look now it’s freely available to all at:


Keep safe, well and inspiring, 


Mark & Carol


12 weeks of FREE support for spelling

In January, Sir Linkalot won the  ‘Best Educational App’ award at this year’s Bett Show in London – the world’s largest Edtech exhibition.

During this time of school closures, Sir Linkalot is offering 12 weeks of FREE access to his spelling app across the world.

To find out what it’s all about, please click on the following clip The Future of Spelling

Suitable from reception upwards, there are two obvious benefits: one, it would most definitely raise their literacy levels and, two, it would make life a whole lot easier for you! Each bundle of 20 words contains two forms of testing (Level 1 bundles only have one test) so they could challenge themselves and their brothers and sisters and other family members as they can also use the code.

Once you have downloaded it from an online store, tap on the log icon (for ‘Log in’) at the top right, clicking on ”Sir Linkalot’s Code (schools only)”. Type ‘Free’ in the username and the access code is ‘Free’. You can also view it on a laptop or PC. Type in the browser itself (not a search engine)… and follow the above instructions.

You can listen to my recent interview with Sir Linkalot on the Education on Fire podcast by clicking here.

Keep safe, well and inspiring.



Building our community with Patreon

Our Patreon page is now live. Listen to todays show and find out all about it.

See how we can come together as a community to create a learning environment that supports the skills and understanding required for our children to flourish.

They are the next generation who will take the world forward. Let them learn from the guiding examples already shining their light and demonstrating what is possible if you follow your dreams.

Let us support children to be passionate, curious, courageous, empathetic, understanding and full of wonder.

Now that is a world I want to be part of.


Find out more at


Listen on your favourite podcast app or directly on the website by clicking here


Have a great week,




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