031 : What do the children think? How to be involved in season 3

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You can be involved with season 3 by talking to the children in your class about the 10 questions listed below.

If you teach children aged 5-13 anywhere in the world this is for you!

I’m looking for children and teachers to be on the podcast. Let me know if that’s you and we can record your answers for the show!

Write down your own answers, send them to me and I’ll include them on the Education on Fire blog!

Write your own blog or record a video for your school and send me the link. I will then share it with other teachers.

Let’s get to know what our students think about their school life.

1. If you could design your own classroom what would it look like? Eg Large open plan loft style, small rooms, sit in rows or groups? Anything goes be creative!

2. How would you create your day and spend your time? Eg How much time inside/outside, how much studying, exercise, time on your own/with others, playing, games, projects. Anything goes be creative!

3. How do you assess your progress? What do you do everyday to move forward towards your goals and dreams?

4. How often do you discuss and think about – what you eat, exercise, breathing, sleeping, mindfulness, gratitude, volunteering?

5. How often do you discuss and think about life? Babies being born or people dying.

6. How often do you discuss money, budgets, savings, financial planning?

7. Do you work with a mentor? Do you know what a mentor is?

8. How often do you lead a team of people?

9. Do you like working on real projects that are relevant to you? Eg Fundraising, events for the local community, school productions, concerts, sports events?

10. Of the things you enjoy most – do they happen in school time or are they after school clubs?

Have fun and explore you imaginations. Remember nothing is impossible just think about what you would like your school to be!


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030 : Season 2 Finale

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Round up of the computing and Edtech season. Plus how to get your school involved in season 3.



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029 : Peter Cansell my resident education expert

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Peter shares his thoughts about season 2 and gives his insights into how teachers can implement them in their school.


Peter has been in education professionally for 35 years, teaching in middle schools in Oxford, doing advisory work, teaching higher education and as a Primary Headteacher at Harwell Primary School. He retired from that post in September 2014, but has continued as Chair of OPHTA (Oxfordshire Primary Headteachers’ Association), was elected to become Chair of the National Network of Chairs of Headteachers’ Groups in June 2014 and was delighted to have become a NAPE council member this year, serving on the editorial board for Primary First. In January of 2015 he co-founded the Oxford School of Thought, an independent education think tank. He is a trustee and chairs the management committee of another charity, Full Circle, which is well regarded for its ground breaking intergenerational work.


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028 : Bonus SATs Special

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The week before SATs – Mark talks about how to make each child feel special and understand what they have achieved.

What are the 2 things you can do today to make a difference for a lifetime?



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027 : Improve communication, engagement and feedback with a branded app for your school.

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Piota builds high-quality apps that are completely free to download. Our school apps can help streamline communication, cut costs, save time and aid pupil learning. Piota apps are used in Early Years Settings, Primary and Secondary schools throughout the UK.

With 95% parents now owning a smartphone and regularly using apps, Piota believes that customisable school apps are the future of engagement.

Get your free trial at:


Piota’s goal is to help schools communicate better with parents, carers and students. We understand that tight funds and limited administration time make bridging the gap between schools and parents a challenge, so we design school apps that are simple and quick to use while still delivering meaningful gains for the school, parents and ultimately students.

With extensive experience in both education and app development, we have the sector insight and technological know-how to deliver a school app that will revolutionise the way your school engages. The Piota team are all parents and have been heavily involved in education through various roles including advisor to DfE, MAT director, governors and PTA organisers.


Pupils’ parents engaged


Average page views per school per month

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