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217: Reading and parental engagement with Stamshaw Junior School

By Mark Taylor | August 23, 2021 |

James Schillemore is English Leader and Lower Phase Leader at Stamshaw Junior School in Portsmouth.James published his own children’s book, ‘Off the Post’ in 2013 and is passionate about children learning to read and developing a love of books and language. James undertook an extensive research project in to the subject as part of his…

216: Dream It and Do It with Holly Sharp

By Mark Taylor | August 16, 2021 |

Holly Sharp – The Next Generation’s Career Counselor

Award Winning Author. Coach. Classroom Advocate. Non-fiction books for kids junkie.

Helping Kids, Parents and Teachers Navigate The Question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

215: Illuminated Life School with Heidi DeCoux

By Mark Taylor | August 9, 2021 |

Heidi DeCoux is a serial entrepreneur that has built four businesses to high-six figure status and sold two of them, has appeared in magazines and websites like Forbes, is the author of an Amazon best-selling book on marketing, and president of the Palmas Del Mar chapter of Uncommon Entrepreneurs.
She’s a marketing maven and an investor, but her real passion, the thing that keeps her up at night, is her commitment to revolutionize the public school system through the non-profit organization that she and her husband founded, Illuminated Life School.

214: Your 3 Eyes with Dr. Megan Sweet

By Mark Taylor | August 2, 2021 |

Dr. Megan Sweet is an author, speaker, and systems-thinker who has been in education for more than twenty-five years. Through her extensive experience leading personal and system-wide change, Megan has come to believe that when we approach our challenges from the inside-out, by building a supportive and heart-centered connection with ourselves first, we have the confidence and resilience to tackle the important work of transforming our lives and communities.

The 3 Eyes support us to see our lives, our thoughts, and our experiences more clearly.

When we use them in school, they help us to understand our context in more depth.

213: Educational travel with Garrett & Mandi Oler

By Mark Taylor | July 26, 2021 |

Garrett & Mandi Oler discuss how travel and enrolling their children into a bilingual school has enhanced their educational experiences, confidence and world citizenship.

Garrett & Mandi are a married couple that love to help people travel abundantly – and affordably – with their families. They cringe every time they hear parents say that travel is a luxury only for the “lucky,” and are on a mission to change that mindset.

212: Reading, Writing and Spelling with Jane Considine

By Mark Taylor | July 19, 2021 |

Jane Considine is an Education Consultant who energises and inspires thousands of teachers every year, helping them to transform the teaching of reading, writing and spelling in the primary education phase. Jane’s research-informed and evidence-based systems provide structures for success, enabling teachers to continually deliver outstanding results. Jane has authored two best-selling books, Hooked On…

211: Superheroes of Science with Katy Alexander

By Mark Taylor | July 12, 2021 |

Superheroes of science set to come to life in new comic book from The Remarkablz

A new comic book is turning real-life science heroes into superheroes, bringing diverse pioneers of science and engineering to a new generation of young readers in an exciting and engaging format. The Remarkablz is the brainchild of London-based illustrator and game designer Katy Alexander, bringing the stories of scientists and engineers – particularly women, individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds and people with disabilities – to life for children aged 6-12.

Radioactive Fallout: Katsuko’s Story reimagines the life and accomplishments of Japanese biochemist Dr Katsuko Saruhashi, known for revealing the spread and impact of radioactive fallout from atomic tests in the Pacific, helping bring an end to above-ground nuclear testing. The comic book traces the amazing adventures of young Katsuko as she gains her superpowers, battles supervillains and discovers her passion for science.

Created for children aged 6-12, and produced with dyslexia-friendly fonts, the new comic is designed to inspire, educate and excite young readers, with 24 pages of exciting artwork and storytelling backed up with engaging educational activities and a full biography of Katsuko.

Children’s books on Climate Change and Ocean Plastics – NAPE 071

By Mark Taylor | July 9, 2021 |

Ellie Jackson is the bestselling children’s author of the Wild Tribe Heroes series of true environmental books for primary children. Each book follows a well loved animal as it gets into trouble due to an environmental issue such as ocean plastic, deforestation or climate change. Free teaching resources and curriculum maps support the books for each key stage.

210: The Resilience Project with David Gumbrell

By Mark Taylor | July 5, 2021 |

Recruitment, Retention and Resilience are intertwined and have become the new Three Rs. If we accept that Recruitment is hard, then Retention becomes that much more important. If Retention is hard, then Resilience becomes the key. Put simply, we need to start more conversations in school about well-being and Resilience. Luckily, The Resilience Project can do just that and can provide you with multiple ways to start this vital dialogue.

As rich in humanity as in knowledge – NAPE 070

By Mark Taylor | July 2, 2021 |

Following the success of our conference on 6th March 2021 – Towards a Balanced and Broadly Based Curriculum – Dr. Tony Eaude has a follow up conversation with presenter Clare Whyles (Deputy Head) and Tina Farr (Headteacher) of St Ebb’s C of E (Aided) Primary School. St Ebb’s have been on a journey which has…

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