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My top downloaded education podcasts in seasons 1-4


So as I am finishing up my season 4 I thought it would be interesting to look back at the Education on Fire journey so far with my top downloaded education podcasts in seasons 1-4.   We have people listening in over 65 countries around the world from the UK to New Zealand. Wow I really didn’t realise we would reach so far around the globe, thank you.   Just to give a sense of how far we have travelled here are the top downloaded podcasts in each season. I would be interested to know if these were your favourites or if the conversations really supported you in anyway?


  • Season 1.

My interview with Janice Mardell – Headteacher from Overstone Primary School.  If this environment could be created in every school then I think we would have some very inspired children on a path of discovery.


  • Season 2.

ICT with Mr.P Mr Parkinson is a primary school teacher who specialises in the use of technology to raise standards across the curriculum. His training and INSET provides teachers with a wealth of knowledge on the most engaging and inspiring ways to improve standards in Literacy, Numeracy and the NEW primary Curriculum using modern technology.


  • Season 3.

Men of Abundance podcaster Wally Carmichael and his son Dalton talked to me as I continued to ask ‘What do children think about their schooling? We get some great insights from Dalton about selling old toys to create income and Wally talks about his own experiences and those of his older sons. We discuss practical learning as well as traditional academia and how this can help learning skills for trade jobs and not just degrees. The different ways  that we all learn and how the personalised approach is supportive for everyone not just those who seem to be struggling. How education can still be linked back to the ideals of the industrial revolution and what is needed to help children prepare for the workforce of the future .


  • Season 4.

Jayne Clancy was Headteacher of Hartwell Primary School for 13 years. I spoke to her at the end of the summer term 2017 in her final weeks before retiring. I wanted to interview Jayne because living locally I know what a fabulously musical school Hartwell is. I didn’t realise at the time Jayne was retiring, so this is a really fitting look back at how  music in the school has played such a big part in creating a rich environment for the pupils. I wanted to share how it is possible for you to put music at the heart of your school to aid the whole curriculum, not diminish it.


  • Bonus Episodes.

Listen to Bruce Langford host of the Mindfulness Mode Podcast  interview me about my thoughts on education and how my schooling supported me to follow my dreams and become a professional musician.


I really appreciate you listening and for all the comments and emails. If you have any thoughts on what season 5 should focus on please drop me a line at

Don’t miss the last episode in season 4 next week. I will reveal my biggest takeaways and have a limited time musical offer for your school that you won’t want to miss. If you enjoy listening to education podcasts please share some of your favourites for us all to explore.

Thanks for inspiring and keep up the great work.

Mark Taylor – Creator & Host

Education on Fire

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