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My new audio course is live on Listenable

I’m so excited to let you know my new audio course ’10 Pieces of Advice You’d Like to Have as a Child’ has been published on Listenable.

Listenable is just like an audio version of Netflix. You pay a small monthly fee and get access to hundreds of courses in a variety of categories.

I was thrilled when I was asked to create a course for them and being an audio platform I loved the similarities with the podcast world.

My course has twelve, 3-4 min lessons and it shares some of the best advice I have heard from guests on the podcast.

In order to hit the ground running I have a favour to ask.

Could you please spare 3.07 mins to listen to the first lesson of the course (it is absolutely FREE) so the platform can get some immediate listening traction which will help promote the course to their subscribers.

As with so much online content it is all about algorithms and the more people who listen in the first few days the better.

There is no expectation to sign up (unless you want to) and you can press play and listen straight from the website.

You can find it by using my direct link This is also the best way to share it with anyone you think might be interested in knowing more about Listenable.

Thank you in advance if you can spare 3.07 mins of your time to support me and press play.

Keep inspiring,


PS The link again is

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