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385: A Gobblegark’s Guide To Your Brilliant Neurodivergent Brain with Suzanne Robertshaw

A Gobblegark’s Guide To Your Brilliant Neurodivergent Brain is Suzanne Robertshaw’s new book.

Suzanne has been a teacher for 23 years. She has worked as a SENCO, supporting students with learning differences since 2015. She feels passionate about the positives of being neurodivergent which she regularly promotes on her Instagram page – @teachingwithadifference.

Suzanne has spoken at several teaching conferences and regularly trains teachers about how to support students with learning differences. She has a Postgraduate cert in Dyslexia Research and Practice and has also worked as an ADHD consultant and dyslexia tutor, helping lots of families. Her work over the years with amazing, young people who have brilliant brains inspired this book.

A Gobblegark’s Guide To Your Brilliant Neurodivergent Brain is quite a magical book. You’ll meet caterpillars and gobblegarks and best of all? You’ll see how fantastic being neurodivergent is! Win keys by completing some challenges along the way, each one leading you closer to the treasure and to knowing a bit more about yourself and your brain. Built-in breaktimes ensure that you won’t get overwhelmed.

Afterall, it can be tiring investigating your brain, making your way through a maze, and finding out how to use the strengths of your brain and understand yourself!

Downloadable worksheets let you truly make this book your own because you can go back to activities as many times as you need, or do them in different ways, (and of course skip the ones you don’t!). Let’s make our brilliant brains even more amazing with this Gobblegark Guide!


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