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382: NASA STEM educator Jason Dietrich

Jason Dietrich is a highly motivated, certified NASA STEM educator with more than four years of teaching experience seeking to influence and engage students to participate in STEM career pathways.

He is interested in increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM as well as building a solid foundation for STEM literacy. In this technology-based society, he seeks to build computational literacy and develop critical thinkers capable of analyzing and integrating data to formulate solutions to complex real-world problems through the use of innovative and differentiated instructional methods. Jason is experienced in training and professional development, global education policy and methods, statistical analysis, curriculum development, and assessment strategies.

In addition, he has been mentored by a current Virginia Space Flight Academy (VASFA) STEM Engagement Specialist and has authored a NASA application design to identify hidden barriers to STEM engagement. Jason is eager to promote and use STEM engagement activities through NASA’s missions to inspire a diverse future STEM workforce.


Social Media Information

Twitter: @VaSpaceAcademy

Resources Mentioned

White Flag – Dido

Show Sponsor – National Association for Primary Education (NAPE)

SEND Conference Friday 26th April – Hybrid event

London School of Public Relations –

Delivered by Mark Taylor.

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