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381: Teachers with Boundaries – Gemma Drinkall

Gemma is an educational wellbeing coach, trainer and supervisor with the ambition to transform middle leaders’ quality of life for the betterment of themselves, their students and their team. With over 9 years’ experience working in the education sector as a classroom teacher, head of year and co-head of department, Gemma is well-versed in the challenges and daily grind that teachers face just to survive.

The switch from career-obsessed teacher to qualified coach, trainer and supervisor is the source of Gemma’s superpowers. Having experienced panic attacks, low mood and anxiety, she crashed and burned out of her teaching career. She brings these personal experiences to her work, making it her mission to help other middle leaders avoid the same fate and instead, create clear boundaries so that they can switch off from teaching and switch on in their lives.

Gemma is the host of the popular “Teachers with Boundaries Podcast”, which shares tips and advice for teachers on how they can switch off from teaching, reduce the overwhelm and guilt, and increase their time, energy and happiness. This support continues in Gemma’s Facebook community, Teachers with Boundaries.

Post teaching, Gemma is still discovering the novel and enjoyable concept that is “free time”. During hers, she can often be found with her head in a book, enjoying the outdoors or daydreaming about adventures in her future campervan.


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