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377: The London Interdisciplinary School with Prof Carl Gombrich

LIS is building a new university based on interdisciplinarity and tackling complex real-world problems. Instead of specialising in a single subject area, our students learn through a problem-based interdisciplinary approach, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc). 

Solutions to the world’s most complex and interconnected problems won’t come from a single specialism or subject. We need to bring together experts and knowledge from across the arts, sciences and humanities.

In a world faced by increasingly complex challenges, it’s never been more important to find new ways of learning. We need young people who are more versatile, more entrepreneurial, and more resilient than ever before. But the current education system is siloed, and students are forced down a singular academic path, pushing them to specialise in one subject area. At LIS, we think there’s a straightforward case for an interdisciplinary curriculum: problems are interdisciplinary, so our curriculum should be too.

The London Interdisciplinary School place a premium on teaching rather than research. They have brought together a diverse and outstanding group of academics, entrepreneurs, and educationalists. The LIS team includes philosophers, epidemiologists, artists, journalists, behavioural scientists, and mathematicians, as well as entrepreneurs and professionals.


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David Goggins

Chris Williamson

Andrew Huberman

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