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368: More Than A Score with Alison Ali

Children are More Than A Score

More Than A Score is here to change the way children are assessed and schools are judged.

Primary school children in England are let down by a system that cares more about measurement than education. It’s damaging, and they deserve better.

We want pupils to enjoy an exciting learning experience and then move on to secondary school with a love of learning. We don’t want them spending months cramming for government tests. We believe schools should be judged on the overall quality of education they provide, not the results of a narrow set of standardised tests.

Our campaign supports school leaders and teachers who want to stimulate young minds and expand their knowledge and creative problem-solving skills, rather than having to “teach to the test”.

It’s time to fundamentally change the high-stakes, high-pressure assessment system in primary schools and make good mental health the basis for good learning.

But the evidence against the current system is growing. Parents, teachers and heads are united in calling for change.

In 2022, only 3% of heads wanted SATs to go ahead. 89% of parents say they would support an alternative. And 1 in 10 year 6 pupils didn’t sleep well in the run-up to the tests.

SATs and other government tests don’t help learning and cause unnecessary stress and pressure.

Let’s speak out for children.

Alison Ali Director/Owner Can Can Campaigns

Alison began her career in journalism, moving into international consumer publishing. Her experience runs from human rights and global finance reporting, to launching premium multilanguage magazines and digital platforms for household brand names. She has run her own successful creative agency Can Can Creative since 2006 and, in 2019, launched sister agency Can Can Campaigns to harness the collective’s exceptional skills for greater good.


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