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331: Sustainability in schools with Shamanth Pereira

With a background in finance, an aha moment from an exhausted mother of 3, Shamanth Pereira, occurred when cleaning up her then-4-year-old’s hundredth toilet roll lovingly placed down the loo. This waste and the fact that we cut down 27,000 trees daily just to wipe our bums fuelled Shamanth to create ‘Something Cheeky’, a bamboo, fully decomposing, organic toilet and kitchen rolls delivered to your door without a piece of plastic in sight. The Something Co now delivers toilet rolls and kitchen paper towels across the UK from Loch Lomond to Lands End. Their mission is to offer a range of sustianable everyday essentials to consumers.

We discuss how schools can utilise this resource and it can inform teaching sustainability in schools.


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Show Sponsor – National Association for Primary Education (NAPE)

Primary Education Summit – ‘Visions for the Future’ – March 2023

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