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329: Changes to the podcast from March 2023

From the start of March 2023 the Education on Fire podcast will return to releasing 1 episode a week on a Monday.

The reason for this is the Primary Education Summit. I will be involved in hosting 4 live discussion panels and coordinating the events during March which will need a lot of my focus. With a natural break in place I started considering how the podcast could/should change to support me with regards to my work/life harmony and how I can best support you moving forward.

Please get in touch if anything in the episode resonates with you or you can help provide feedback about the options I explained.

Thank you to Sandy from for her recent purchase of 4 coffees and kind words of support for the show.

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Show Sponsor – National Association for Primary Education (NAPE)

Primary Education Summit – ‘Visions for the Future’ – March 2023

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