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326: The science of achieving equity in schools with Don Berg

Whether you are a principal, a superintendent, a school board member, or a leader without a title, Don Berg wants to help you understand what he has discovered about the psychology of learning. 

And how knowledge of that psychology will enable you to be the best school leader you can be from whatever position you happen to occupy. 

His work on educational leadership includes innovative ideas like Holistic Equity, Catalytic Pedagogy, and Back to Basics 2.0 which you can learn about through his books, videos, and other works.

Don wants to help you make deeper learning become the norm, not the exception. He will show you how to manage the hidden curriculum, not just worry about it. But most importantly he paints a picture of Holistic Equity and how to achieve it by putting the psychology of learning into policy so that policy stops undermining the learning. 


Resources Mentioned

The Unschooled Mind – Howard Gardner

Show Sponsor – National Association for Primary Education (NAPE)

Primary Education Summit – ‘Visions for the Future’ – March 2023

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