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318: Mountain Point Academy Accredited Online School

Sara Busalacchi and Anjilee Ferguson have over a decade each of experience in the Online Education industry. Through their educational experiences they found a deep passion for helping others succeed and grow. Because of their passion they co-founded their online school, Mountain Point Academy, where they encourage students to embrace and foster the skills needed for lifelong learning.

Sara and Anjilee also share some similar passions outside of the school. They both have a love for the outdoors, music, and especially their families. Anjilee loves traveling to new places, and Sara loves jamming out with her band.

Mountain Point Academy’s mission is to commit to providing a student-centered academic experience by creating an environment grounded in respect, integrity, and commitment to learning. Students and staff work together as each student strives to reach his or her academic potential.

What does it mean to be student-centered? MPA operates under the belief that all students can learn, but the way that happens looks a little bit different for each student. William Spady says it perfectly when he states that, “All students can learn and succeed, but not on the same day in the same way.”  MPA works with all types of students; whether you love school and can’t wait to graduate high school early to get to college, or if you have struggled in the past and are looking for an alternative to your brick-and-mortar school, we have you covered!

Every student that enters our doors (figuratively of course!) is assigned an Academic Mentor. This MPA staff member acts as your advocate throughout your time at Mountain Point. You’ll never have to worry about who to turn to when you have a question on your homework, your graduation status, career planning, or anything else! Your mentor will contact you weekly to check in, set goals, and see how you’re doing. This human-to-human contact is what sets us apart from many other online schools.


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