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289: Leprosy Awareness and Global Citizenship with Lepra

Anna Ansted has been working with international charity, Lepra, for 9 years. Lepra works in India, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe helping people affected by leprosy.

Every day 600 people are diagnosed with leprosy; 50 of those are children. Anna works with schools across the UK to raise awareness about leprosy – that it still exists, that it is curable and with more support, Lepra can help more people.

Working with schools for over 50 years, Lepra have develop a schools’ programme that offers students key learning benefits with strong curriculum links which embed British Values and citizenship. The programme highlights the importance of charities and the work they do and helps students to understand the role they play as global citizens.

As part of Lepra’s schools’ programme, they have teamed up with Maria’s Island author, Victoria Hislop, illustrator, Gill Smith, and Walker Books to develop an educational project, available for schools to download and use for free. The story of Maria’s Island, as seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Maria and her family, helps young people understand the challenges people with leprosy face and, most importantly, how they can be overcome.

Download the free Educational Project Resource including a video assembly with a reading by Victoria Hislop, a free Maria’s Island PDF extract, and helpful teacher notes that prompt exploration into the book’s complex themes.

Anna is married with two primary-aged children and is passionate about inspiring children to use their creative talents to fundraise and help make a difference for people whose lives are affected by leprosy.



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Download the free Educational Project Resource from Lepra

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