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281: Knight Moves with Linc Kroeger

Linc’s passion for fighting social inequality led him to leverage his 35 years enterprise technology experience to create a creative solution to help level the playing field while also delivering technology solutions for the world’s most important causes.

Linc served on the Technology Association of Iowa board for three years. He was assigned by Governor Kim Reynolds to her Empower Rural Iowa Task Force and has been identified as “the most innovative leader on bringing tech jobs to rural in the nation” by U.S. Congressmember Ro Khanna representing Silicon Valley. He has also been recognized as “Top National Rural Influencer” by The Ruralist and was the USDA Rural Prosperity Tour keynote speaker.

Knight Moves empower Native American, rural, and urban underserved communities and employ them to break through barriers blocking socio-economic inclusion.

Their teams are passionate about solving the big, hard-to-talk-about issues. Or better yet, we enjoy improving solutions already in motion that just need a little more ingenuity to get them across the finish line.

They bring affordable tech talent to help address bigger issues. No issue is too big and every issue matters. Our team looks at how we can help with poverty, human trafficking, homelessness, food insecurity, and a whole lot more.


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