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269: The impact of geography on history and learning with Jason Szeftel

Jason Szeftel talks about his learning experiences across multiple continents and settings. We discuss mindset, knowledge and how understanding geography is so important to how any village, town or city has developed through history.

We talk about the influence of mentors and how the people around you can be your biggest supporters. With such a global view of the world and learning, don’t be afraid to see what is close by.

Jason is an author who hosts the China Unraveled Podcast. On his podcast he covers what is really happening in China and what it means for the world. He makes use of his background in law and development to help people make sense of what changes in the world mean for their business.


Social Media Information

Twitter: @jasonszeftel

Instagram: @jasonszeftel

Tikok: @jsonchef


Resource Mentioned

Guns, Germs and Steel – Jared Diamond

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