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268: Enjoy Playing Guitar with Tim Woosley

Tim Woosley is the founder of Enjoy Playing Guitar. He believes that there is a repressed rock star in every one of us. His work helping people unleash their inner rock star helped hundreds of people live their dreams of making music, becoming more confident, and loving life. 

Tim Woosley is a dad, husband, and founder of Enjoy Playing Guitar, one of the best sites for beginner guitarists.

He ​​strives to share his vision and encourage folks to unleash their inner rock star themselves.

For more than 15 years, Tim has taught over 32,000 guitar lessons to hundreds of folks in person and online.

There’s a lot of confusing information about learning guitar. Tim created an online course that demystifies learning so that anyone can play their favourite songs, become more confident, and enjoy making music.

He is happiest with his wife Emily raising their three 3 little rock stars, Ruby, Simon, and Oliver. They live in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

We discuss how we teach and the process of inspiration to mastery with the commitment required to achieve any pupils goals.


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