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A voice for education and society by Peter Cansell

At a time when education in this country is being chewed up by the machinations of the idealism of politicians, there is a need for a voice, a voice for educational reason, a voice for society, a voice for sanity.
We need to hear the views of real educators, those of us who have a grounding in giving children a chance to learn. Not just learning a very narrow spectrum of information that can be easily measured as to whether it has been remembered or not. Education is bigger than that. Not in a system that encourages schools to become silos, where reaching out to others is seen as anti competitive, but in a way that encourages the sharing of ideas and good practice, a way that allows us all to benefit from the best ideas, that encourages the development of good practice, that allows us to look at someone's innovative ideas and innovate further.
This Podcast is an opportunity to explore Education with peers and others, to look at creative ways of approaching children's learning, to learn ourselves about different ways of doing things, to see the success others have achieved and to share our ideas with others.
I know I will learn a great deal from the wisdom of colleagues who are exploring new, creative approaches and I hope to offer a view which reflects a realistic response, while always remembering that our responsibility is towards educating the children in our care.

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