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When 2 + 2 = Maths Sense

A great host in Leeds Trinity University , the perfect partner in National Association for Primary Education and an inspiring maths seminar by Professor Ruth Merttens from Hamilton Trust was a wonderful combination for the students of LTU and local primary teachers in Leeds last week.

I was there supporting NAPE who helped enabled the event to take place. It is this kind of co-operation and support that we hope will serve teachers well and help the NAPE membership grow. The knowledge of all three organisations gave those who attended a real insight into what learning and teaching is all about.

As a parent I had long given up on knowing what the correct way of ‘doing maths’ should be when helping out with homework. I was so delighted to hear Ruth say that consistency is key not doing it a certain way. Having a plan of teaching throughout the school, year on year, where each class can build on the knowledge they have already gained in the same image as before. This is so simple and obvious but not always achieved. The layout of questions and the use of the same terminology or patter is so supportive for pupils.

I felt inspired and wanted to learn more. I no longer felt fear about how maths should be taught but engaged in the wonder of where the learning could take me. If only I had felt like that during my school days.

For examples of this work I suggest visiting the Hamilton Trust website which has a wealth of resources.

A big thanks must go to Associate Principal Lecturer Amanda Nuttall and her team at Leeds Trinity, for being the driving force in making such a great day possible. She is on the National Council of NAPE and it is by working together in such a creative way that I hope more joint events can take place to support both the LTU students and teachers in the area.

I am very glad to say one of the students I met on that day has agreed to be part of the Education on Fire podcast and we will follow their journey from trainee teacher to their first experiences in the profession. I hope this will give some valuable insights for both other students and teachers that have NQTs in their school.

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