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I'm Mark Taylor and I interview educators from around the world so that I can enable you to support your children to live, learn and grow to their full potential

Latest Podcast Episodes

371: How to create a compelling and unique CV with Graeme Jordan

November 27, 2023

Graeme helps people to understand and communicate their value to their next employer. Delivering workshops in schools, he encourages students to recognise the achievements they already have and the value of the things they are already doing so that their CV can be compelling and unique.With 11 years experience as a CV writer across 6…

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370: Online mentoring program for tweens from I believe in Me

November 20, 2023

Katie, Becky, and Allie are three moms who know what it’s like to raise a family, with a total of 17 children between them, they are in the trenches of motherhood. But along with being a mom, with their education and professional backgrounds in business, health, and beauty, these 3 women came together to create…

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369: ONVU Learning with Matthew Tiplin

November 13, 2023

ONVU Learning is a 360-degree video lesson capture system that helps teachers reflect, collaborate and analyse their entire teaching and learning process. It creates a community space where teachers can share best practice and learn easily with their coaches and peers. When Matt was an Ofsted inspector, he decided that something drastic needed to change…

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

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"Inspiring, Uplifting and Practical
I love this podcast- Mark does a brilliant job of gently challenging the education status quo, and in so doing he reveals some of the most innovative, creative and inspiring approaches to education."

Lisa Avery

Most Recent Blog Posts

When 2 + 2 = Maths Sense

30 Jan 2017

A great host in Leeds Trinity University , the perfect partner in National Association for Primary Education and an inspiring maths seminar by Professor Ruth Merttens from Hamilton Trust was a wonderful combination for the students of LTU and local primary teachers in Leeds last week. I was there supporting NAPE who helped enabled the event to take…

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The Five Habits of Happiness – Start with Gratitude

15 Jan 2017

How Growing With Gratitude is supporting schools across the world nurture happy, successful and authentic children. 1. An Attitude of Gratitude Students are guided to regularly think about, discuss and record the things they are grateful for in their daily lives and environment. 2. Random Acts of Kindness Students are guided to plan for and regularly complete small acts…

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Top 5 Teaching Tips I’ve Learned from Season 1

13 Jan 2017

1. Be interested in your pupils and know their story. 2. It’s not just what you say but how you say it! 3. Be aware of what environment are you creating. 4. Build communities both within and outside of your school. 5. Look after yourself. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 1. Even in a large class a teacher can…

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Our aim is to achieve a higher priority for the education of children from birth to 13. High quality learning in the early years of life is vitally important to the creation of an educated society. Young children are not simply preparing for the future, they are living a never to be repeated time of life and the best way to learn is to live.

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